New Year. 3 New Pines

22.01.18 - 26.01.18

The first Pine meeting of the new year began with a lot of unfinished projects hanging around the St Johns Chapel music and art centre. We had the print we first started at our mini Eton residency from way back in the summer, we had some of the Northern Light prints we had to put the top block on and then there was 'Thicket' which had been floating around in block form and in the back of our heads since early March last year.

We had done a lot of work last year on cutting and printing the leaves part of the Eton print so felt that part was sorted. We'd also done the first and second part of the water reflection. So we began by trying to decide how to give the print that final finishing touch of genius!

The decision came down to needing something on the bottom part of the image that grounded it, and also linked the water to the leaves above. Was it just a reflection needed or did the reflection need some of the colour of the foliage above?

We did try the warm orange colour, along with about five other variations, but decided to try and keep it simple.

We even send out the two choices on Social Media and asked for opinions from everyone we knew, and loads of people we didn't, and got some really interesting observations back, but as most people preferred the one we didn't go for we ignored them.

We went for this option, and quite liked it. The final decision with this print was the title, and we came up with 'On reflection'

The blocks always looks great inked up;

One down, two more to go.

We then wanted to finish of the Northern Lights we had hanging at St Johns..

Once that was done we then had an even more difficult decision to make, or at least talk about endlessly until we bored each other and ourselves to death with the repeated second guessing. Which one did we enter into the RA Summer Show? it was going to be 'Northern Light'. After finishing 'On Reflection' though, and being rather pleased with it, we then had to consider if we should be putting that in rather than 'Northern Light'.

Of to Social Media again to ask which of the two our nearest and dearest, and all and sundry, thought was not the better print, but the better one to enter into the RA. Lots of interesting responses again, but none of them made the decision any easier.

On to the third. I don't think we've ever worked on three prints in one session before.

The print 'Thicket' started out as a walk down to the beach, when the woods on the side of the path caught our eye and we never got as far as the sea.

We'd already cut the black and white key block previously. So now we have to decide, yet more decisions, how many other blocks we need, what colours and tones they will be and how much to cut and where and how much and..and ..and..

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