Back to the woods...

23rd - 27th July Pine Session.

After a bit of an absence while we all went on various trips and holidays, the band are finally, almost back together. Albeit in drips and draps. Ian, Merlyn and Judith on Monday, Julia joining us Tuesday then Judith off Wednesday evening. So not much time to get on with finishing 'Thicket'.

Unfortunately we ended up a bit lost in the woods.

It all started so well, skipping off to the woods with our picnic. We took what we'd trailed last time and printed all the pale greige with crafty pink tipped tops to the branches. A suggestion of that lovely blush of new growth you can see coming out at the tips of the trees in early spring.

The next layer was the lovely deep red we had proofed previously. In the first print the pressure on the press wasn't quite right so the right side of the image didn't print completely. The broken colour this resulted in gave us the idea to wire brush the main tree to bring out the grain and avoid it being too heavy.

So we cleaned the block of ink and Merlyn gave it a hefty scrub. The next print, along with a slight adjustment of the press and we have a lovely bit of texture on the trunk.

Once all the reds are done we tried cutting a bit more out, but not too much as we can't put it back ion again, and then tried a darker rich brown.

Was a bit too heavy though so we decided to cut a lot more out to allow more of the red to show.

Slight problem though was that, perhaps due to the heat or the layering effect of the reduction process, the prints were not dry enough to continue printing.

However when we cleaned the block it looked really strong and gave us ideas of interesting new directions for our next print......

Since we can't print we better go out and do what Pine does best.

Go out for a walk and do some drawing..

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