Making a right old Eton mess.

Earlier this year we had an invite to produce a print in conjunction with the Drawing Schools at Eton College, which was inspired by the location and landscape around Eton.

After originally drawing the image in the grounds of Eton College, we were able to take advantage of the amazing facilities of the Drawing Schools and scan, enlarge, expose onto screen and then silk screen the drawing on our block. This made a nice change from tracing paper and scribbling.

We actually managed to cut the first block while at Eton and transfer it onto a second block before coming home. Since then the blocks have sat in the back of St Johns Studio, and the back of our minds, while we got on with all the other stuff. The RA Summer Show, a trip to Staithes etc.

However having got the Staithes print more or less sorted it was time on this Pine session to turn our attention back to the Eton print.

We had the foliage of our scene, but we needed to cut a block to show the River Thames visible through the trees.

River block being inked up.

Julia inking up the top block with a test colour. ( We didn't go with this particular hue, if your wondering )

The first proof with foliage over the river. Now for the all important task of endless tweaks and tiny adjustments of tone, cut and colour.

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