Second colour

Somewhere, in there, is the Purple Bamboo Studio. Not the small bamboo hut atop a misty mountain the name would suggest.

The Technician, spraying the paper of some of Judith's prints to demonstrate wet on wet printing with the first colour

Glass being placed over the damp prints to spread the damp equally.

Judith applying wet watercolour paint to wet wood before printing on wet paper. Not too many variables to get right there then?

He's very reserved and obviously doesn't want to interrupt, but The Technician, Le Shao Bin, was always watching, ready to help

1. Finger here. Lift and fold

2. Once folded, drop cleanly down slot

The first three of Ian's four individual first blocks printed over the black key block

Merlyn printing colours

Judith's wet on wet print

Late in the day we were invited next door for a demonstration in making the Chinese Baren. Though we weren't sure if it was a watching demo or if we were supposed to get hands on.

The Baren consisted of two layers of felt, a nylon sheet and waxed paper wrapped about a small rectangle of ply. The wrapping layers are interleaved under a piece of 35mm x 45mm batten. Square edge down and rounded edge up. The edges of the sandwich are then turned up at each end of the batten handle and the whole thing kept together by some very clever string and knot work, under tension.

Chang Fei demonstrating the knots to Ian. ( You can tell he was never in the Scouts )

Chang Fei tying up Judiths Baren with Berlin's additional hand

It's all about the tension

As it took a bit longer than we thought and looked very, very hard we decided Merlyn and Ian would have a go tomorrow and for now?

We'd go shopping.

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