Pine go the brush shop

Back to cutting blocks. Bit of confusion when Huang Jian Bo, or Bo Bo for short, asked Merlyn where her original drawing was and her colour tracings?


Bit of a culture gap, the Chinese learn technique, brilliantly, by copying, exactly, an existing classic painting. So they start by accurately tracing it. This they then use as the template for the black line tracing and all the other tracings for the coloured parts of the print. As we'd been caught on the hop by the instruction to "draw something" we had done a rough sketch, then altered it a bit as we traced. You know, all artistic like. So there wasn't really an original. Other than the black line tracing we'd just stuck face down and destroyed by carving through. Doh.

Bit of an arty, bodge tracing the cut block and holding bits of paper up against the window to trace, moment later and we had our colour tracings.

Pines hard at work.

After lunch, Berlin asked, all casual, would we like to go shopping for stuff? Chinese brushes, paper etc.

We got a bit excited.



We came, we saw, we bought some lovely brushes and a couple of reams of paper

Then back to studio to transfer all our bits to wood and cut them out. This week for cutting, next week printing.

Went for a quick drink at the pagoda and thought.."Aren't we quite close to the Lakeside Veggie?"

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