Saturday off, shopping and a crazy taxi

View from the pedestrian walkway looking towards the Zhonghe Elevated Expressway and new China

Lovely old Chinese shops, from around the 1920's with intricate wood carving. Old-ish China.

Shopping on Hefang Street. Typical tourist mix of old buildings and new shops.

Path linking the Nanshan Road, by the Chinese Academy of Arts, with the Lakeside boulevards. Poetically called 'The park of Oriels singing among the willows'

..And yes after a hard Saturday morning shopping we had decided to go back to the Lakeside Veggie for an early lunch.

We then decided it would make sense to get back to Hangzhoudong, Hangzhou East Railway Station, to pick up our tickets back to Shanghai to save a panicked rush later.

If we'd know we would have had the most impatient, most short tempered, horn addicted and dangerously skillful taxi driver any of us have ever experienced on three continents. We may have taken the train station panic.

All three of us staggered from the taxi at the train station as if we'd just got off a roller coaster. Then looking up we and around we had to contend with the dizzying spectacle of the vast scale of the train station. It made Victoria station look like a provincial tin shack.

Half of one of the entrances' of one of the train stations in Hangzhou.

After following endless signs and escalators we managed to find the right ticket office and get our tickets for next Friday. We then had to find the taxi queue, and were a bit worried that our Travis Bickle-esque taxi driver had gone around the block and got in the pick up queue. We all agreed that, should we get in his taxi, we would all get out again. Luckily we had a rather mild and calm driver this time, although he did spend the entire drive back to the Hostel with one digit firmly and deeply embedded up his nostril.

After all that we all went for a little lie down.

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