School day 2

Painting detail.

A nice change from the heat, today we have heavy tropical rain and it's lovely and cool.

For our second day we were given a practice block of wood and a Quan Dao or 'fist knife', the Chinese cutting tool, to cut it with. Unlike the 'back of the hand' uppermost way we hold our gauges and V-tools normally. The fist knife as the name suggests is held at an angle with the fingers uppermost. The single edged blade is basically used to cut the two angles of a V, cut in one go by a V-gouge, in two separate cuts.

The Professor drew beautiful calligraphic marks on the wood and sent us on our way.

Merlyn cutting

Slight issue with the Chinese knives only coming in right handed flavours and two thirds of Pine being south paw.

Eventually Merlyn used a left handed Japanese cutting tool and Ian used the Chinese Quan Dao back to front. Anan's suggestion of "just use your right hand, it'll work better" was seen as not being helpful.

Judith cutting

After lunch our charming classmates asked if we would like to see an exhibition of students work?

Calligraphic and painting show

Amazing quality and all copies of classic works.

Huang Jian Bo demonstrating how to stick the tracing to the board with rice paste

Original painting and transferred tracing. Reversed of course

Once it dries it's time to start cutting for real.

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