Pines first day at school

The imposing front of the Chinese Arts Academy, Hangzhou.

Waiting at the school gate. We were met by Wong Anan, a fellow woodcut student, who took us to all the requisite offices to have forms signed, stamped and then we paid our fees and were off to meet the Prof.

Professor Wang Chao, demonstrating Chinese Water Woodcut with blocks belonging to Hong Li Yao

The Professor gave us a quick demo of the process and then, realising it's always better to make mistakes of your own than to be shown the process by an expert, told us to sit down and come up with a drawing. Slight panic ensued. Please sir the dog ate my homework?

Sitting at the Chinese printing desks, 2/4 of Pine get to work.

After we'd drawn 'something' we had to 'colour it in' then trace it. The professor suggested we trace it with a Chinese brush to give it some life

Drawing 'something'

Tracing the sketch with a Chinese brush, to hopefully give it some life.

Merlyn's tracing.

Ian's tracing.

Judith's tracing.

Tracings done we called it a day.

After all the work we needed a quiet place outside to sit, stare at the lake and maybe even get a cold beer. If only we could find somewhere like that close by.....

Then off for somewhere to eat. "Aren't we quite close to The Lakeside Veggie here?"....

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