Pine Feroda arrives in Hangzhou.

Saturday we arrive in Hangzchou. After a slightly hectic afternoon, in which we jumped in a taxi to Shanghai station, found the entrance, found the ticket office, got our prepaid tickets ( not easy), found the platform (bit of a run), got through the ticket barrier, found our train and then our seat. Phew. Deep breath and relax while the incredibly smooth and comfortable train whistled along at over 280kmh.

At that speed it wasn't long before we had to jump up and de-train at the large and gleaming Hangzchou East station.

The taxi ranks this way. No isn't it that way...The rather vast Hangzhou East Railway Station

After clambering into, then out again, then into a different taxi, we found Fresh House Hostel. Our home for the next two weeks.

The Fresh House Hotel Hostel.

The Fresh House Hostel.

A lengthy booking in process later and Pine went to explore the great West Lake. In the dark. We needn't have worried though. it was all rather splendidly lit up.

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